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Friday, December 12, 2008

Can You Relate to Mary?

What did people think of Mary? She appeared to be a young girl pregnant out of wedlock - I wonder how many people believed her angel story? Then she had a son who was amazingly perfectly behaved (which sounds nice!) but you know it would be hard to be her next door neighbor if your children were a little wild!

Mary enters the scene in the Bible at Jesus' conception and then she is only mentioned a few times throughout Jesus' life. She is there at the foot of the cross on the day that he is crucified. Her son and her savior - in agony and hated by the crowds. What did people think of her - the mother of this hated man? The mother of this perfect man?

This must have been a hardship yet we never see her asserting herself - trying to control Jesus so people will think better of them. She understood that Jesus was here on a mission and she was just the vessel that God used to bring this God/Man to earth. How her heart must have ached to watch her beloved son suffer on the cross.

Can you relate to Mary? Though she could not possibly understand all that God was doing - she was open to God's plan for her life. She offered all of herself - her pride, her plans, her time and talents to be a servant to God. She understood that her life was not her own - but that she was bought at a price and it was by precious blood.

I Corinthians 6:20 says "You are not your own. You were bought at a price, therefore, honor God with your body." This baby Jesus who we are about to celebrate the birth of, was born to pay the price for your sins and the price was his blood shed on the cross. You are not your own, therefore, be like Mary, and honor God by living your life completely surrendered to him!

Walk with the King!


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