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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are You a Porcupine?

So I had a situation over the weekend where I wanted so badly to be right about something that I hurt someone's feelings. I quickly made amends but it still bothers me. Why has it bothered me so? Because God has been reminding me of all the times he says in the Bible to keep peace with others and I failed to do that in my desire to be right!

Matthew 5:9 says "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God."

A while back I read a book by Donna Partow where she discussed the thought of being a porcupine. She suggested that if you are someone who always has to be "right" then you may be a porcupine. "A porcupine has a lot of good points, but nobody wants to be around it."
A porcupine is someone that you really don't want to be close to because when you do get close to them - they hurt you. Sometimes someone else hurts us and the way we respond to the hurt is worse than the original offense!

So are you a porcupine? Do you say things without thought of how it may affect someone else? If you do - you can stop. Ask God to help you have restraint and to keep you from hurting your husband, children, family and friends.

Do you have a porcupine in your life? Is there someone who continually hurts you? A key to getting over the hurt is to ask God to help you see your porcupine through the eyes of God. Donna Partow says "Everyone who has ever hurt you has been hurt, too. And maybe that's why they hurt you. Now the question remains: What will you do? Will you live your life consumed by the bitterness? Will you be a porcupine? Or will you allow God to heal the hurt? Only you can decide."

Walk with the King!



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