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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is Not Easy

As I packed my suitcases at the age of 17 to attend the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, I truly believed I was going to become a missionary some day in another country. But God had other plans for me. But he did not have other plans for a classmate of mine, Bonnie Penner.
A couple years ago I read about her in the Akron Beacon Journal and here's what it said "A gunman fired three bullets into the head of an American missionary Thursday at the clinic where she worked as a nurse. It was believed to be the first targeted killing of a US citizen in Lebenon in more than a decade. Bonnie Penner 31, was slain at the Unity Center, which houses a Christian Chapel and clinic. Investigators said they believe the gunman knocked at the door of the clinic and shot Penner in the head with a 7mm pistol. A colleague found Bonnie lying in a pool of blood."

As I type this, I can't hold back the tears that stream from thinking about her strong faith and sacrifice. She was a beautiful God-fearing woman who died taking the gospel to the people of Lebanon. I keep this newspaper clipping on my bulletin board because it inspires me to not shrink back from being bold with the gospel! People around the world are suffering to take Christ to the world - while I sit in my comfy cozy home and worry if my neighbors will stop talking to me if I talk about Jesus or church too much!!! Bonnie died for the gospel while I consider losing a friendship over the gospel as a hardship!

Maybe you've had some hard days lately with the kids, with your husband, with a friendship or at work. I read Acts 14:22 this morning and it says "we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God."

There is not much of a halo in real life - we all face struggles and hardships - that is what this verse tells us. If we follow Christ we can count on it costing us something. Life is not easy. If you are in the middle of a hardship you need to run to Jesus - yes - don't walk - run. God will comfort you -- IF you let him.

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