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Women Living Well Blog: September 2010

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vlog: Easy Front Twist Hair Tutorial

Let's talk hair! As a kid, my sisters and I would spend hours playing with our hair - curling it all over with different sizes of curling irons, using hot bendy thingys or crimping irons. Then we discovered hot rollers and well - I've been using those since the 80's!!!

So every now and then I try something new. I shared my Messy Bun Video with you all and I know a couple of you have mentioned you wear a messy bun from time to time!!! So I thought maybe this could be useful - or not lol!! I always wear my hair the same way for every Women Living Well video but - trust me - I do not curl my hair every single day! I do love to wear a messy bun and lately I've been doing this 30 second front hair twist! (my son was my videographer so I apologize for the shakiness and my daughters interruption lol!)

Just an extra tip: Sometimes I do the twist across the front and then from there pull it into a pony tail or messy bun!

The quicker we can get our hair fixed and in order the more time we can spend at Jesus' feet or serving our families and friends!!! Hope this helps!

Walk with the King!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comfy In the Kitchen: Pumpkin Waffles with Spiced Whipped Cream

This recipe features Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen:

If you love pumpkin..these waffles are a must on your menu! It was such special treat making these for my family this week...the children ate them up and Julia even licked her plate, bless her heart. I loved the smell of my home making them while listening to the sounds of my children getting ready for school on this "Indian Summer" morning. I saved the batter for the next day and they were even better. Some of you saw my " Kitchen Blooper" on Facebook...and as you can guess, my morning had a little hiccup...haha. But, the hiccup was worth the blessing. "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26.

Before preparing turn on your waffle iron so it is hot before you pour your on your batter

Have your flour, brown sugar, canned pumpkin, milk, eggs, salt, butter, baking soda and pumpkin spice mix (you can buy already spiced pumpkin-it is very good too)

Then add your liquid ingredients..pumpkin, eggs, butter, milk

Make sure your iron is very hot, spray with Pam and ladle about 1/4 cup of your batter onto the iron. I would rather you have too little than too much so try not to over pour-you will have soft waffles.

I soooo wish you could smell the aroma these waffles made while cooking..steam was coming out of the iron..Ahhhh...Top with warm maple syrup, butter, spiced whipped cream and nuts of your liking. Enjoy this special breakfast. Remember, these waffles can be frozen and easily thawed -you can also save batter for the next morning for fresh waffles.

Making whipped cream! 1 pint of whipping cream, 1/4 cup sugar and 1 Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice and of course a mixer!

pour the entire pint of whipping cream in a mixing bowl

and pumpkin spices

Now add "air" to it by beating on high speed with your mixer. I am not one for name brands, but I have to tell ya that Kitchen Aid makes a slamming hand held mixer.

After you have gotten a dense consistency you may add your sugar

Beat in to the whipped cream - just waiting for a finger dive!

Pumpkin Waffles with Spiced Whipped Cream

Waffle Batter

2 ½ cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice
½ tsp salt
¼ cup packed brown sugar

1 cup canned pumpkin
2 cups milk
4 eggs
¼ cup melted butter

Spiced Whipped Cream

1 pint whipping cream
¼ cup sugar
1 Tbsp pumpkin spice

Preheat waffle iron.

Make your whipped cream first by beating just the whipping cream until stiffens. Beat in ¼ cup of sugar and 1 Tbsp of pumpkin spice at very end. Store in refrigerator.

To make waffles add all dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, spice, salt, brown sugar) and mix. Then, add your wet ingredients (pumpkin, milk, eggs, butter). Mix well.

Spray waffle iron well with “Pam” and add about ¼ cup of batter. Close down lid and let steam/cook until crisp. Serve off the iron with warm maple syrup, butter, spiced whipped cream and nuts if desired.

* Tip – Add spiced whipped cream to your coffee to replace your typical cream, it is delicious!


Walk with the King!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time For a Change in My Blogging - So I Can Sharpen My Ax

My Greek professor at the Moody Bible Institute used to say - "students, don't get rrrrrrrusty (he always drew his R's out long) must take the time to sharpen your ax so when you hit - you hit hard and you make a mark."

It's time I sharpen my ax! This picture is a little misleading because it looks like I'm going on vacation - but I am not. I am changing my blogging schedule and this should give me some time to sharpen my ax.

The blogging world is fantastic. I used to burn up inside with thoughts and feelings that I had no way to express except in my journals. Blogging has been a release for me and an unexplainable joy! I truly treasure you - my readers. I have met SO many women who are so neat! You guys fascinate me!

But in the spirit of the Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge, I have decided to slow my blogging schedule down. I have recently sent emails to websites I contribute to, telling them I will no longer be contributing and I have been saying "no" to guest post requests. Saying "no" and "I quit" are really hard for me.

But in the process, I am finding a burden lifted and I feel stronger with each "no"!

I have decided to even say "no" to myself! I have been blogging 5 days a week for 2 years straight. I LOVE blogging and seriously have gone back and forth on this decision. I have decided to decrease my posts to 3 days a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you are looking for something to read on Tuesdays and Thursdays hop on over to where my high school best friend blogs on Tuesdays and I will be blogging on Thursdays there!

I apologize this is a very uninspiring post - I don't have much to say except that I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to take a step back - and I am listening and praying that I heard Him correctly!

Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and time to gather them..."

The last two years have been a true joy to pour out my soul everyday but I sense a new season where I pull back just a hair to breathe in fresh air, read new books, and fill my soul with more great things to make my ax sharper.

Keep Walking with the King!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven - Fall Challenge - Come Link Up!

Is your calendar full like mine? Do you feel a little tense, rushed and even panicked at times when you are running late? Do you feel like the rest of the family is feeling the same way? I believe we women can create a physical environment, as well as a spiritual environment, that can bring peace, harmony and a sense of calmness to our homes if we are willing to be intentional.

So let me introduce you to the "Making Your Home a Haven" Fall Challenge. Each week I will give you one practical tip and one spiritual tip that you can do to create a haven in your home.

This challenge will begin next Monday, October 4th and run through the month of October. Check out the video and topics below. If you would like to join me and you are a blogger - just copy and paste this pumpkin picture on your blog with this link attached: and then link up below! (Update - Mr. Linky is having tech problem right now and I don't know where all the link ups went?? Check back and hopefully it will be fixed very soon!!! So sorry :-( ) If you are not a blogger, leave a comment in the comment section to let me know that you would like to join the challenge.

Here's a few more details:

Here's the topic schedule for those who want to link up each week:

October 4 -
Go buy an extra large candle and light a candle everyday in your home. I will be starting mine in the morning! But you can start yours at dinner time. Do what makes sense for your family. I will be placing mine in the kitchen - the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.

October 10 - Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose worship, classical or another form of peaceful music that the family enjoys. Focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships. Remind your family to avoid seething anger, tattling, criticism or back talk. As the wife/mother, work on gentleness this week.

October 17 - List a few of the spots in your home that make you visually stressed because of all the clutter.
Now go buy something for that spot - like a basket to put it all in! Work on cleaning up clutter - throw things away and encourage the children and your hubby to do the same in their bedrooms or offices or work areas this week. While you're at it - clean up some clutter in your spiritual life. What gets in the way of your peace spiritually?

October 24 -
Keep the candle going, the music playing, and add some tender moments with your family. Have a pillow party in the family room and get out every blanket and pillow in the house and be cozy with the kids or your hubby! Even if you live alone you can do this. Enjoy a cozy evening of hot cider and caramel corn. Give a 5 minute back rub to every single person in your house...and for a double challenge- try to give one every day to each family member! During your tender moment with the family, ask them how they feel about this challenge. Are they enjoying it? Is it helpful? Is there anything they would change. Give your family listening ears. I think you will be blessed by the positive feedback you will receive!

October 31 - Focus on the kitchen, the heart of the home.
Cook things with pleasant aromas. Pick a meal the family can cook together - include everyone in a task and take pictures so everyone can remember moments in the kitchen together - test tasting, being creative, laughing and loving. Remove discontentment with your home or family and give thanks to God for the home God has given you to in which to create a haven for your family.

Jesus said in John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled."

Walk with the King!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is the Bible Really God's Word?

I struggle at times. I know that the only word we have from God on this planet earth is contained within this leather bound book that lies on my desk day and night. Yet the computer, television, a busy schedule, to-do list or even serving God - woo me away from hearing God's voice in his word.

I long to sit down and just drink from the living waters of God's word and be refreshed. I long for a still moment of prayer and time in God's word. But for some unknown reason, I regularly try to satisfy this need in other places!

What makes the Bible so special? What makes it the number one best seller of all time?

For the rest of this post visit me over at Good Morning Girls.

Walk with the King!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

9 Doors Down

I have never emailed another blogger and asked if I could literally repost their entire post for my readers. But on Friday, Karen Ehman posted this post. Since moving into my new home in February, I have found it extremely difficult to get to know my neighbors - they just don't come out! And to be honest I'm on facebook or the web with a lot of my free time - so I'm not out there either! When I run in the evenings, it's just me and the crickets! If my neighbors want to get to know me they'd have to email me! So sad. So her post hit me so hard, I emailed her and asked for permission to share it with all of you. I hope it will simply make you think about who in the world lives 9 doors down from you?

Karen Writes:

She lived nine doors down.

In the two years we’ve lived in this subdivision, I’d seen her on my walks.

Perhaps she was rolling her trash out to the curb. Or in her front yard watering her flowers.

I’d smile and said “hi”, just for a brief second.

After all, my neighborhood is big; my life is busy.

So I’d pop my Ipod earbuds back into my ears.

And I’d keep walking.

Nine doors down.

Just nine doors down this past week flashed lights and sirens and all things alarming.

A fire? I thought as I turned into my sub, returning from an errand-running venture.

My mama heart raced. My son was home alone. Had he burnt some toast and set the smoke alarm system blaring?

Or worse?

Had a car caught fire or a power line fallen?

As my car crept closer to home, I saw it was not my house. Relief for my soul. And though the rescue vehicles were parked in front of her house, no fire appeared to be blazing at my nine-doors down neighbor’s house either.

“Must have been a false alarm”, I reasoned to myself.

It was two days later when I heard the awful news.

No fire. No smoke. Just a saddened soul.

You see, nine doors down, something happened in the soul of my nameless, flower-watering, ‘smile and say hi’ fellow human being; something told her this life was not worth living anymore.

So she made sure she stopped living.

Her heart no longer beats.

Her flowers still grow, but she can’t water them anymore.

I can still walk by her house, lost in the Jesus-music blaring on my Ipod.

But there will be no more waves. No smiles as I stroll. And no more thoughts of, “I should stop and find out her name. I haven’t really met this gal yet.”

But the conversation my husband and I have had for the past year will continue. Perhaps with greater urgency now.

In our old neighborhoods (there have been three) we’ve made it a goal to offer a Bible study. A low-key, doesn’t-matter-if-you’ve-ever-gone-to-church-before, short and simple meeting of folks who all happen to live in the same development.

Todd does this at work too. Men and women meet on their breaks to gather round and meet Jesus. Many for the first time. Their curiosity is piqued when they are handed a flier announcing the short, you-don’t-need-to-know-nothing-”Jesus-y“-to-attend study.

Others in his factory throw the flier in the trash.

Yes, right after Todd hands it to them.

In our neighborhood, we’ve not yet passed out fliers. Is it too soon? We haven’t held a Christmas open house to meet everyone yet. We’ve baked bread and pulled weeds for those real near by. But haven’t struck a friendship with too many others.

So we’ve pondered, is it time?

And do we have time?

So far we’d answered no.

Now, nine doors down, no flier is needed for the single gal who is no more.

Would things have been different if she’d gotten an invitation? Or would she have rolled it out to the curb with the rest of her trash?

God only knows.

I cannot beat myself up; but I can do something.

So can you.

We can stop, permitting God to tap us on the heart, gently interrupt, and rearrange our day.

We can go deeper; beyond a “hi!” to an authentic “Who are you?”

Will you do it?

Will you at least try?

Then, leave the results up to God.

Results are His job.

Obedience is ours.

And trust me, it is AWFUL to get to know your neighbor through the tales and tears of her relatives as she lies lifelessly nearby in a coffin.

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4:17

May we all respond to those taps on our hearts today and not ignore them and keep walking. God just may use us as He saves a life.

After all, remember…..

It isn’t a far walk.

It is just nine doors down.


If you hear God tapping too, will you respond? Will you think of one person whom you see often but have never gotten to know? Then, do something.

Ask them their name. Thank them for bagging your groceries faithfully for ten years. Hand them a thank-you card if they are someone who serves. If it is a neighbor, invite them for coffee or soda or sweet tea. Offer kind words or a hug. Anything to show God’s love.

Walk with the King!

Karen is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries national speaking team and is a contributor to Focus on the Family’s magazine Thriving Family. She is a featured speaker for Hearts at Home conferences for moms and is the author of four women’s books. To watch Karen on the 700 Club visit her here.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Sundays Were Like In the 1950's

On the Rachael Ray Show I was dubbed a "1950's Wife". But my grandmother (pictured above), a mother of 4 (one baby is not born yet in this photo), is the REAL 1950's wife. She is ALSO a Proverbs 31 woman.

Let's take a look at what her Sundays looked like compared to ours.

Life was different in the 50's. In Ohio, there was a Blue Law that required stores and most places of work and business to be closed. This made it possible for most people to be in church. My father recalls that almost everyone went to church. This social expectation even crossed into the classroom. My father recalls his public school 5th grade teacher asking on Monday mornings who went to church and they had to raise their hands. His family sometimes missed and he was a little embarrassed he couldn't raise his hand - could you imagine that now in our schools?

My grandmother usually spent her Saturdays preparing for her Sunday day of rest. This meant that she cooked her Saturday meals (usually simple hamburgers) plus her Sunday meal (usually a roast and sheet cake). After attending church on Sundays, she merely reheated the prepared food and served it.

Following the meal they spent time with friends and relatives. They would talk and visit all afternoon and then return back to Sunday evening church. My father's family would often go on a Sunday drive to look at the countryside or skip rocks in a lake.

Sunday dress was very different. Men would not even consider going to church without a suit jacket and tie. Even the little boys (as pictured above) wore suit coats. And on 90+ degree days, in churches with no air-conditioning, the men just sat there sweating. The women also wore their best dresses and shoes and hats too.

What can we learn from Sundays in the 1950's?

1. Worship must be a number one priority. It has become culturally acceptable to not attend church on Sundays (and trust me no teachers are asking!) or to miss for less than urgent reasons. Sports, amusement parks, boating, or doing yard work is generally an acceptable way in our culture to spend our Sunday mornings. While we do not have a legalistic God - and this list is rather legalistic, I just want to point out that God's word says these things must not be a "habit". I do not want to impose needless guilt on anyone - so the question you need to ask yourself is - "is this a one time thing or a habit?" Only you can answer that question for yourself.

Hebrews 10:25 "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching." Acts 20:7 says "On the first day of the week they came together to break bread."

2. Prepare ourselves for the day of worship. Your temperament on Sundays affects your families and their ability to enjoy Sundays. If your mornings are CRAZY and everyone is on edge because you have not prepared on Saturdays - nor gotten up early enough on Sundays - determine to set time aside on Saturdays to have all your ducks in a row. Proverbs 31:27 says a wise woman "watches over the affairs of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness." Do not let your idleness on Saturday night effect the Lord's Day of worship. Be diligent.

3. Make Sundays a family day. Our culture is very active and busy. Families become disjointed as each individual does their own thing. Families are breaking down as a result. Sundays are a great day to slow down and reconnect. Be purposeful in thinking through how you can create a simple day for the family to be together.

4. Dress your best. Now again - here's where I do not want to cross the line into legalism. I know in many churches jeans are acceptable and God truly is judging our hearts not our outer wear BUT that being said. Put some thought and time into what your family wears on Sundays. If you were going to meet the President today - what would you wear? Be sure you don't respect the President more than God. More importantly - modesty is a HUGE issue in church today. In the 50's women were modest in church. If you are a mommy of little ones - be sure your dresses are not too low or too short. Too often men get an eye full when moms are leaning down to pick up babies. I know it can be completely unintentional. Just guard your body and modesty. Double check your dresses by leaning over in the mirror - if cleavage shows - put a tank on under your dress.
I don't want to return to the 1950's, but I do think there are a few things we can learn from the Titus 2 women of the 50's. Try to implement one of these things this Sunday! I'm working on number 2 - being more prepared so the mornings can go real smoothly. What do you need to work on?

Walk with the King!
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Comfy In The Kitchen: Stuffed Jalapeno Appetizers - 3 Ingredients!

When I was visiting “The Taste of Hudson” a few weekends ago with friends, one of our friend’s Andy ordered these at the Hudson’s restaurant booth. He and my husband went crazy over them. I curiously looked at his “boat cup” filled with these things that I have never seen before and thought “These don’t seem so hard to make!” Hmmm…so here we are, a delicious 3 -ingredient recipe that will be perfect to serve your guests! Who would have thought it could be this easy!?

Start out with a package of bacon, a dozen jalapenos, and 1-2 bricks of cream cheese

Slice jalapeno in half length wise

Scoop out the inside and seeds with a serrated spoon (or something of the like) In this step you can choose how much heat you like in your jalps..the more seeds you leave in the hotter it will be, if you like a mild flavor than scoop out all seeds. I like to leave a few in.

Slice your bacon in half.Now you have your hollowed Jalps, your brick of cream cheese, sliced bacon and your tooth picks in the background

Simply fill the Jalp with cream cheese to the top

Wrap bacon around and fasten with a party pick

Place your Jalps on anything that will allow bacon grease to drain (broiler pan would work great here)

I used a baking rack and placed a pan at bottom to collect drippings. Bake at 425 for about 15 mins or until your bacon is done. You will be AMAZED how delicious this recipe is!

Stuffed Jalapeno Appetizers
12 Jalapenos
1-2 bricks of cream cheese (I used low-fat)
1 package of Bacon (I used center cut for less fat but full flavor)

That is IT!

Slice jalapenos lengthwise and scoop out innards with a serrated spoon. Fill with cream cheese. Cut bacon slices in half , wrap around Jalp, fasten with a party pick. Place on a broiling pan. Bake in a pre-heated 425 oven for appx 15 mins or until bacon is done to your liking.

Walk with the King!

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