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Monday, October 27, 2008

Could God Applaud You Today?

Saturday my husband and I attended the Ohio State vs. Penn State football game! It was a HUGE game and the stadium was packed with over 100,000 fans! When we stood to applaud the sound was deafening.

I had a sober moment during the game where I stood there and thought - "wow - this is a lot of applause for some guys who are chasing a ball around a field." Then I thought of all the moms at home everyday - 24 / 7 changing morning diapers, nursing, cleaning up spit up off your shoulder, feeding the family breakfast and packing lunches, giving hugs and saying morning prayers with the children. Moms carpool their children to all their games and faithfully sit in the heat or pouring rain to support their kids. There's heaps of laundry and piles of dishes done every day and bedtime stories and lots of kisses to go around.

Does a crowd of 100,000 stand and applaud you and cheer you on? There really aren't any accolades yet what you do in any given day is much more valuable.
Saturday before the game I had my quiet time in Luke 12 and a part of verse 24 lept off the pages and touched my soul and then God brought it back to my mind during the game. It says "Consider the ravens: they do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And HOW MUCH MORE VALUABLE YOU ARE THAN BIRDS!"

This verse speaks to my soul!!! Did you catch it? You are so valuable - have you been told that yet today, this week or this month? If you haven't, open God's word and right there he wants to tell you that you are soooo valuable to him. He loves you so. He sees all your sacrifices and hard work and he values you. You deserve an applause - but most likely - unless you get a mommy of the year award someday - it may not happen.

So for now - ask yourself this - God is watching me. He knows my every thought and my every deed - would he applaud me today? That's convicting for me. I know God can not applaud me on grouchy days. Nope - but even when I fail him - he tells me - he does value me. No matter what I do good or bad - he will always love me and value me. And because of that I want his applause. He is our audience of One - today - Let's seek his applause!

Walk with the King!



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